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Capturing Efficiency, Erasing Queues.
Your Passport to Streamlined
Document Processing.

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The CameraBOX Model 2  easily adjusts by hand.

  • Original African product.

  • Durable design and build.

  • Strong Carbon Fibre structure.

  • Alluminium and stainless steel.

CameraBOX (patented design) was created to conquer document processing challenges. Following our successful implementation at the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa, we offer great                  licensing opportunities.


  • Streamline operations. 

  • Reduce queues. 

  • Enhance customer experiences.


Schedule a meeting today to explore how our innovative solution can drive efficiency for your organization, all while preserving the integrity of our patented technology.

The CameraBOX Model 1 installed at DHA Epping.

The Innovation:

CameraBOX combines a stabilizing 90-degree camera swingarm and a lighting box, offering unparalleled convenience and accuracy. Designed to replace traditional camera booths, our patented solution is cost-effective and highly efficient.


How It Works: 

Imagine each counter transformed into an individual cubicle with a built-in whiteboard backdrop. The innovative CameraBOX swingarm is mounted on the cubicle wall, supporting a camera within a lockable box. An employee comfortably sits behind the counter, adjusting the camera's height and angle using the swingarm's ergonomic handle. The unique spring support system ensures the camera remains level, capturing flawless images that adhere to international passport photo standards.


Swift Adaptability: 

The adjustable arm locks into five preset positions, securing the camera with an enclosed geared, springed unit. This innovation simplifies the process for employees and ensures consistent results, all while maintaining a seamless customer experience.


Effortless Control: 

Lighting (with two illumination strenght settings) is effortlessly managed through switches mounted beneath the counter. Cables for both the lights and camera are discreetly integrated within aluminum square tubing, connecting to the operator's desk.


Proven Success: 

The impact of CameraBOX is clear. A single department branch has doubled its processing capacity, reducing wait times and resource costs. By expediting the image capture process and eliminating the need for dedicated camera booths, we're empowering institutions to optimize their workflows and deliver outstanding service.


Embrace the future of document processing with CameraBOX. Say goodbye to queues, delays, and inefficiencies, and welcome a new era of streamlined, cost-effective, and customer-centric operations. Experience the difference today.

Get in Touch

Unlocking Partnerships for Efficiency.

Join the CameraBOX Revolution.

CameraBOX is reaching out to potential partners across African countries and emerging nations to revolutionize document processing. If you're a supplier seeking innovative solutions for your clients or an organization eager to enhance operational processes, we offer licensing opportunities for our game-changing system. Collaborate with us to bring streamlined efficiency to your region. The CameraBOX arrives securely packaged, ready for seamless installation. Let's transform operations together—schedule a meeting now and be part of the global shift towards efficient, hassle-free document processing.

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