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KEVO PROJECT MANAGEMENT offers turnkey, bespoke Project Financing, Design and Innovation, Construction- and Project Management Services, from conception to Project close-out. 

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With traditional Institutional Financing, becoming more unattainable for Landlords and Developers, Kevo Project Management offers total financing on any size project they manage. By ‘putting their own heads on the block’, they ensure that each project is delivered within budget, on time, and to the highest standards possible.

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Project Management


Design & Innovation

When it comes to managing any project, it is important to be organized. Every phase of the process, from start to finish, must be carefully planned. The experienced team at Kevo has developed internal processes for managing projects in a way that ensures that every aspect of the project is covered. This helps guarantee that every aspect is executed flawlessly and on time. With our innovative solutions, we ensure that all angles are considered. Our positive attitude helps us to remain focused on the goal of delivering excellent work consistently.

Successful Project Management is a matter of bringing in-house talent and manufacturing together. At Kevo, we bring together our own Construction team and manufacturing, to create one seamless entity that keeps projects not only within their time frames but ahead of schedule. No delays, no overspending, just success.

At Kevo, we not only create bespoke, out-of-the-box Design Solutions but also deliver high-quality products manufactured by our talented team of artisans. We ensure that the Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment are designed, procured, and installed within the project program, budget, and interior design vision of our client. Our team's creative solutions can adapt to modern design and business challenges. 


Client: Invested Property Fund
Client: Invested Property Fund
Client: Kevo Project Management
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